Lintas GPS

Lintas GPS

Lintas GPS is a Tracking GPS device for car, bikes, android, BlackBerry and your iPhone. Tracker Lintas GPS is not expensive, reliable and monitoring in a realtime. You can turn your vehicle just by sending a Short Message Service (SMS).

Download our monitor GPS Tracker for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android.


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Why Choosa Us ?

So many choices and deals for GPS solutions, but why should you choose us as your partner GPS solution.

  • Cheap and Reliable

    Our GPS unit inexpensive and proven used by many companies and security services.

  • Reliability

    We use the cloud with unlimited bandwidth and storage, so the minimal downtime of our servers. Every time our application you will always be able to access from anywhere.

  • Accessibility

    Our Monitoring could be accessed from anywhere, you’re on the way? Use our smartphone app to access. Our application also supports such a tablet interface likes iPad and Galaxy Tab.

  • SIMCARD Special

    All of the above would be useless without a stable GPRS solutions. For that we also provide a special sim card GPS solutions for more efficient and easy to maintain. In fact we provide customized solutions by LintasGPS maintenance, so you do not have to bother to maintain pulse GPRS.

  • Special Services

    For enterprise customers, we provide a special display and analysis of data that can be customized according to the wishes and interests of the business. No other GPS providers do this except us.

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GPS Tracker ST04


ST04 highly durable, precise and efficient in the use of GPRS data. This is our latest product which is an improvisation of the ST01 and soon will be the flagship of our product




GPS Tracker ST01


ST01 GPS Tracker is a flag ship of LintasGPS, with a precision of 5-10 meters and the ability to turn off / turn on the machine from afar, shock sensor and tracker geofence makes it very reliable.


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